Educators From Around the World are Visiting This Atlanta School

In just this year alone, almost 12,000 educators have visited Ron Clark Academy to observe teacher best practices and immerse themselves in the school’s culture.

Ron Clark Academy is a private school in Atlanta founded by Ron Clark and Kim Bearden—long-time educators—in 2007.

Yes, you heard that right a private school. So it must be full of wealthy kids, right? Wrong.

Teacher training visits make up 80 percent of Ron Clark’s revenue, in addition to corporate and philanthropic donations, allowing for a majority of students to only have to pay 45/month.

With 120 graduates in grades 5-8, Clark and Bearden affirm that all of their graduates finish high school, and 99 percent of them graduate from college.

If you’re not convinced yet why educators would travel from around the world, read the full story here.


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