Give Me A Break, I’m OFF!

Teachers need a break just as much as the students ! 

Image result for tips for teachers to stay healthySchool has come to an end and summer time is here. Summer break is definitely what teachers, administrators and support staff all need; time away from the work of educating children. Being in Education isn’t a walk in the park as some people believe. We are not just educating children but often times, helping rear, mentor, empower and manage them.  In looking at family engagement data, disengagement of parents in the educational process isn’t always the “I Don’t Care” parent but many times the “I Don’t Have Time” parent. Shockingly, a lot of “I Don’t Have Time” parents are Educators. There’s simply not enough time to do everything our minds can imagine to be done in a day. There’s a fine line we dance on in Education when it comes to dedication and being able to say no. We often times want to be all the things our students need while being all the things our own children and families need.

Image result for tips for teachers to stay healthy

I encourage fellow educators to take a “self” day occasionally to get their mind, body and soul leveled back at one. Many times we become off balanced from trying to manage all of the life challenges we face. I believe it’s even more critically important for educators to be well physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because our attitude reflects in our performance. When we aren’t at our best, it’s even more harder for our children to reach the academic goals and success we all desire to see for them.

Educators and families enjoying this summer break, here are some things to consider adding into your regular schedule once vacation is over.

#1 Exercise & Working Out

NOPE, no excuses here. Our physical well being is just as important as any other requirement needed to teach, lead and support academic programs and teaching. Creative ways to work out and ensure physical wellness is to walk the steps of the school, track or building perimeter 30 minutes after work. If you live near your job, walk or ride your bike. Try early morning running with family and/or neighbors.

#2 Be Mindful of What You Eat

Often times, we’re so busy ensuring that the children we rear and those we serve eat healthy and regularly. We must do the same! Breakfast and lunch are needed boasts of energy to keep us going. Be mindful of the amount of coffee and sugar intake! We’re in front of computer screens and on our feet a lot. We must have a good balance of foods that build our sight and agility.

#3 Get Enough Sleep

It’s honorable to think doing 5:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. days through the week are helpful but you’re only hurting yourself. A best practice I’ve worked on over the years is setting boundaries and letting work stay at work! Finding the balance in work and home life is evident when you’re getting enough sleep. Enough sleep allows our bodies to rest and be prepared for the next day. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s reflective in your ability to produce quality results. Most importantly, it’s reflected in your attitude.

#4 Schedule Relaxation

Whether it’s watching Scandal, catching up shows, movies and documentaries on Netflix, reading books or another guilty pleasure, find time to relax. Pamper yourself, go the movies, get off social media, cut the phone off and simply relax.

Summer break gives us a much needed pause on our journey to reflect and be better for the work ahead. As Educators return to school for the FY17-18 school year, find ways to partner with them and support the much needed work of educating the young minds that will lead us tomorrow.


Wishing all our Educators a successful year and empowering our children and families!


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