Georgetown Law Study: Black Girls Viewed As Less Innocent Than White Girls

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Let’s Be Honest, Schools Aren’t Safe Space for Black Girls” that further illuminated issues that some people were already aware about, but also generated a visceral response from people that thought the article was inaccurate, overly sensitive, over-exaggerated, and biased.

People wanted more proof.


Here’s more proof.

Check out the recently released article by Georgetown Law titled, “Black Girls Viewed As Less Innocent Than White Girls, Georgetown Law Research Finds.”

Below is an excerpt from the study’s’ findings:

“The new report reveals that adults think:

-Black girls seem older than white girls of the same age.

-Black girls need less nurturing than white girls.

-Black girls need less protection than white girls.

-Black girls need to be supported less than white girls.

-Black girls need to be comforted less than white girls.

-Black girls are more independent than white girls.

-Black girls know more about adult topics than white girls.

-Black girls know more about sex than white girls.

The study applied statistical analysis to a survey of 325 adults from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and educational levels across the United States. Across the four age brackets examined, the most significant differences in adult perceptions were found in relation to girls in mid-childhood (ages 5-9) and early adolescence (10-14), continuing to a lesser degree in the 15 to 19-year-old group.  No statistically significant differences were found in the 0-4 age group.”


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  1. Alma Lott
    July 5, 2017 at 12:44 am

    The statements are very untrue I have work with all race. And from my point all are about equal. The study is racist from my point of veiw. All the study on whites are kept confidential cause they failed to do the study. Just like Education they put out a Black test all the White students failed the test as we teach our children about Black History and the study in Schools are White History. When I say about equal about the Sex black parents are more harder on their children from age groups but in a small study you have more whites that more sexual active also so I think it’s equal. As they keep whites in secret about crime it’s the most highest most of theirs be on the inside of the home records show that most white Mothers are in denie about their children when Black except that crime pays the reason why Blacks are in the system is because half don’t have cover up money . If they would take out time and pull up History instead of looking at Blacks they would see a hold new difference it just started that they are putting them on news also. White on white crime black on black crime that’s why all lives matters we should be together with trying to better all children instead of putting them down. God Bless All HVCNA/Teensof2morrow/ UNITED WE STAND TOGETHER JUSTICE FOR ALL NO TIME FOR HATE!!!

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