GeorgiaCAN is Raising Up Educational Advocacy!

GeorgiaCAN is saying yes we can to Georgia Educators, Advocates, parents, students and stakeholders. The work of Dekalb Educational and GeorgiaCan Advocate, Danielle Stewart is getting more Dekalb County parents on the move for college and career readiness success through her College Prep and Connect Clinic.

“We cannot keep complaining about what our school Districts aren’t doing when we aren’t offering solutions!” Danielle encourages parents to hold their schools accountable, be engaged in the academic rigor the school is providing and to advocate for better opportunities and educational outcomes for children. “Each student is my child”, stated by Danielle to parents at a recent family and community engagement based event held this month to bring awareness to her YouCan program. I too believe that when we all begin to think this way, more of our children find success in and out of the classroom. 

Danielle Stewart, Ed.D. is proud to bring resources to families in Dekalb County, GA this month for Education Advocacy Awareness Month. While developing the College Prep and Connect Clinic, it was evident that based upon the data and the conditions of our overall educational system, there was an undeniable need for parents and students to receive this type of support and to have this ongoing platform.

Cultivating community and family engagement has proven to be one of the many positive outcomes of this initiative. Valued community members have expressed that this dialogue should be and needs to be continuous (please see the one page attachment for Education Advocacy Awareness Month write up). The goal is to continue to educate and empower community members, regarding the conditions of their schools. Danielle, I salute you for helping our residents to see that GeorgiaCAN! 

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  1. TM
    January 23, 2018 at 11:27 am

    I support In School Spirit because the focus is on empowering those who celebrate the value of education. Education is daunting at best, because per student, there is an entire body of needs: inspiration, motivation, resilience, determination, focus, discipline, commitment, grit – in addition to information. This is why the entire community needs to be involved. When enough of this work is catches on, perhaps the goal will become other than to move out of or away from the neighborhood.

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