Non-profits Collaborate for Boys & Men of Color Summit

“Education is that whole system of human training within and without the schoolhouse walls, which molds and develops men.” –W. E. B. Du Bois

As educators, we live in a state of perpetual reflection and refinement. We study, we internalize, we practice, we teach, we observe, we grow, we innovate, we repeat.

But the lessons inside the brick and mortar structure of a school building are not enough. Educators learning and sparring only with other educators is not sufficient. Our students need more than common core standards and lectures. They need more than interactive notebooks and sight words. They need more than multiplication chants and Google Chromebooks.

Educators and students need a community both “within and without the schoolhouse walls.” Tribes that push thought and accountability, especially for our boys and men of color.

We know the dire reality: Black male students’ suspension rates in Georgia are three times as great compared to White males; the suicide rate of Black children has doubled over the past two decades; the attrition rate for Black male educators is five times as much compared to White male educators.

A tribe of thought and accountability will be meeting this upcoming weekend in Midtown Atlanta to work towards changing this reality at the Boys & Men of Color (BMOC) Summit.

Boys and men of color are meeting to discuss the skills, mindsets, and strategies necessary for Black male students to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. Non-profits from across the Metro Atlanta Area are gearing up to hold a series of events, the first happening this Saturday, September 30th, focused on producing, organizing, and distributing educational content. This event was organized by the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) Collaborative, which consists of three non-profits, Profound Gentlemen, The Showcase Group, and Next Generation Men & Women. The Emerging 100 of Atlanta also collaborated to lead this event.

All three non-profits of the CRP Collaborative have missions aligned to improving the educational outcomes of students in marginalized communities. Profound Gentlemen, strives to support, retain, and develop Black male educators and aid them in having a profound impact on boys of color. The Showcase Group provides learning interventions to youth with the intention of supporting their social emotional development, and empowering them with a mindset towards activism. Next Generation Men & Women was founded by teachers striving to improve the college and career readiness of underserved students. Other community leaders, private sector professionals, families, students, and stakeholders will also attend, participating in small group breakout sessions, and engaging in a panel discussion.

The BMOC Summit is about activating the voice of a variety of stakeholders. Participants will explore the following questions:

  • What is unique and/or challenging about being a man of color in the professional world?
  • How can young men of color be better prepared to face these unique realities?
  • What skills and mindsets are essential for a young man of color to develop in order to be successful?

The event is taking place at The Gathering Spot, which is a community workspace that has had rapid success over the last year, hosting events for influencers, millennial entrepreneurs, and corporate organizations.

This event is to free to attend and registration can be found HERE.


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