Does Free Tuition Take the Value Away from Education?

Everyone has an opinion about if tuition for college students should be free. I believe that all public universities and colleges should be free for college students. Private schools and graduate school should not have to change fiscal requirements, but public institutions for any speciality area should be free. Of course, with hot topics like this there are also pro’s and con’s to consider as well. To answer the posing question, free tuition does not take away from the value of education. Free tuition sounds like opportunities, possibilities and success. Our citizens need opportunities to right their wrongs. I believe if more people didn’t feel like the odds were stacked against them, we’d have a better performing workforce. We’re be able to selection rather than settle. There are definitely better results and benefits of free tuition. When we think about higher education, we should envision the advancement of our society. The notion that free tuition would devalue education is ridiculous. Providing free tuition for public colleges and universities supports the work of college and career readiness programs. We would not only be preparing more families and students for college beginnings at Pre K, but we’d be opening up access to college for more students who financially wouldn’t be able to attend.

Georgia economists and politicians have been discussing ways to improve our workforce. The film industry isn’t the only resource we have. Making much-needed changes in our education system will not only attract more families to our schools but it will help build our workforce. There are many more reasons why free tuition can help Georgia

Free tuition incentives: 

  • More opportunities for parents and those raising school aged children
  • More educational advancement from citizens facing economic challenges
  • Growth in the business sector
  • Financial increase in communities
  • More investments
  • Better workforce

Things that devalue education:  

  • Illegal guns
  • Drug abuse
  • Unstable households
  • Broken families
  • School to Prison Pipeline
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Lack of transportation
  • Food desserts

There are more notable roadblocks that prevent students from completing high school and entering college than there are incentives and reinforcements to finish school. Free tuition could be a very impactful incentive for students of all ages. If we focus in on fixing the critical areas that actually devalue education, we can make the best of free tuition.


Contact your local school today and see how you can support their College & Career Readiness program and other ways to support.



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