Amanda Davis, A Trendsetter in Journalism

“My true labor of love is advocating for children in the foster care system and helping find them a home!” – Amanda Davis 

The City of Atlanta and citizens across the Nation mourn the sudden loss of Amanda Davis , Atlanta Channel 46 news anchor, who suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday of this week right. Earlier in the month, Davis’s last tweets celebrated the life of her father who also passed away this month. The funeral services were this week.

Over the last 30 years, Amanda Davis has become more than a household name, but a trendsetter in the world of journalism and media. In fact, Amanda Davis as an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated wasn’t just an example of the famed hashtag, #BlackGirlMagic, she truly was just that! Unlike many celebrated public figures, Amanda was able to struggle in the public eye with her battle with alcoholism but she was also able triumph giving hope to many. She was not only a trailblazer, but she was a nice, kind spirited woman who wanted goodness to experienced by many of the lives she touched. Amanda mentioned this year her deep love for segments like the Surprise Squad. It will be the stories and such memories that will continue to challenge young, upcoming and aspiring journalists to follow Davis’s professional successes.

Here’s why Amanda Davis is a Trendsetter and role model:

  1. She was dedicated!
  2. She was determined! 
  3. She was dependable!

Dedication to children, communities and communication describe Amanda Davis. She modeled for us how to achieve the things you want in life without backdown or taking no for an answer. “Receiving a no doesn’t mean throw in the towel and give up. No just simply means not at this time, try again! She did just this with her career and advocacy for children. A role model serves as an example of their life philosophy that positively impacts the lives of others. Amanda Davis is a role model for our youth, showing them that when you’re dedicated to achieving your dreams, your commitment will serve as youth strength.

Her dedication was sustained by her determination. Amanda Davis was determined to succeed! As a Black woman, her greatest challenge was not admitting to her battle with alcoholism, it was healing in the public eye. Amanda’s courage to face her deepest secrets in the public eye showed us that she was determined to heal so that other could. Her willingness to utilize coping skills that made her better gave hope to others battling alcoholism. Her determination to defeat the odds is inspiring. Despite her personal challenges, she showed the Nation that the true secret to #BlackGirlMagic is being determined to succeed.  Amanda modeled through her life that, “The best way to defeat opposition is to stare in right in the face and affirm that you will win!” 

Not only was she dedicated and determined, but Amanda Davis was dependable. In her family life, stories she’s covered and projects she’s helped to carry out, she was dependable. During the 90’s in Atlanta, it was common place for successful Black, public figures to come and speak to student leaders throughout Atlanta Public Schools. She spoke to us saying these word regarding time management and success. “Dependability is measured by how many times you show up!” The life of Amanda Davis will tell the story that regardless of how many times she fell down, she always showed up!

THANK YOU Amanda for the example you’ve set for us on how to be dedicated, determined and dependable in spite of life’s distractions.


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