Parents Speak Out for Clayton County, GA Schools

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) published an article regarding Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) and the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s ongoing dispute over Clayton County sales tax revenue from jet fuel. This is a critical topic and connects to our recent post about equitable funding for schools. It’s important for all stakeholders to understand how local taxes impact local schools and the impact of removing or decreasing these taxes on education.

This federal policy could affect airports across the nation. The reclassification could have a huge financial impact on all seven cities within Clayton County and the county school district. Local school board members, the CCPS Superintendent and local community leaders are calling for residents to stand together and ask the Governor to seek another way. “It would be devastating to our children and schools!” Residents are equally concerned about property values if funding for the local schools are cut. Organizations such as GeorgiaCAN and parents across the state are petitioning and advocating for policies to implement equitable funding for schools. Now, the residents of Clayton County are coming together to save needed funding from local taxes to continue SPLOST funding for school improvements.

The Clayton County Superintendent and other county leaders are asking residents not to support House Bill 821. Local leaders are asking Clayton County residents and supporters to get on the phone, email, tweet or use whatever correspondence available to ask our Governor why he’s supporting the implementation of a bill that will take money away from the Clayton County School System. Residents and parents feel as if the bill will remove the sales tax on airplane fuel. This will then cost Clayton County $18 million dollars a year thus taking much needed dollars for the local school system. Parents and residents are stepping up and speaking out for our children and school systems. The call for action against House Bill 821 shows the true essence of advocacy and the importance of family and community engagement in schools.

As many stakeholders are not aware of how local schools are funded please review and share the resources below on how schools are funded and school funding formulas. 

PBS Resource 

NPR Discussion 

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Why is Georgia not improving the school funding formula?

Georgia’s 2018 Fiscal Year Budget (Education) 

How Can Parents & Clayton County Residents Help?

  1. Check out upcoming community meetings
  2. Support your community schools
  3. Understand your local school general fund budgets
  4. Contact your elected officials
  5. Connect with your neighborhood association or local advocacy group

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