Student Activities Sets the Stage for College

Student activities play a major role in student success! 

Each school year students return to school excited about learning . Our students also come back excited to see their teachers, peers and opportunities to get involved in student activities.  Some of the most popular activities include school dances, prom, field days and class trips. I have seen schools use activities for incentives. In order for students to participate they must meet a certain standard. Schools should set a standards for the activities! I believe this helps students understand how to conduct themselves before, during and after the activity. Student activities provides the balance to academics.

Student activities builds the excitement for college. Student engagement in academic activities increase student’s interest in college. It helps them find a sense of belonging. For example, involvement in band, athletics, student government, honor clubs and even mentoring groups K-12 helps connect students to higher education. They are able to see themselves socially fit in while giving the options to explore new things. The sense of connectivity doesn’t go away when students graduate high school. Student engagement helps to build time management, social skills and life skills.

Here are some other ways that student activities helps to increase student excitement about college!

Creates Strong School Community 

  • Connects students to their school community
  • Builds school culture and spirit
  • Allows students to discover their passion and strengths
  • Resume builder
  • Keeps students active
  • Helps youth manage stress
  • Creates healthy competition which builds endurance, strength and patience

Supports Character Education 

Student engagement through activities helps to strengthen student: 

  • Commitment
  • Work Ethic
  • Socialization skills
  • Time management skills
  • Self Esteem

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