I Choose You! #NationalCollegeSigningDay

“Success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square!” – Michelle Obama

On National College Signing Day we are celebrating higher education and encouraging students across the Nation to go college. As an Educator, I believe it is critically important to encourage, empower and expose students in grades K-12 to college. Higher education is something that our society should be encouraging. The Better Make Room Initiative started by Michelle Obama is continuing its work with empowering youth to go to college. We need this support. 

At Latin College Prep in East Point, we celebrated National College Signing Day like many other schools across the Nation. We had students from each grade level share there reasons for going to college and which college they want to attend. During the morning program, 8th grade scholars shared words of encouragement regarding education and the importance of going to college. I showed clips of Howard University Greek step show, Morris Brown Homecoming parade, Harvard’s student life departments and several other college and universities across the Nation. I was able to also show a clip from the famous TV sitcom, A Different World to the students. The episode featured Tupac Shakur and addressed peer pressure regarding students from lower-income communities going to college.

I Chose You! National College Signing Day 

KeLip Owens, 7th Grade Scholar at Latin College Prep, shared these words.

” I want to go to Princeton to further my education. It’s important for me to reach the highest levels of achievement so that I can present my mom and family with my degree. I want to show society that in-spite of what the media portrays about Black men, we are more than stereotypes and stats. I want to continue the legacy of our ancestors and show the world that I am somebody!” 

Just like Signing Day for sports, we must make a big deal about our children going to colleges and universities to expand their knowledge. So for students across the Nation like KeLip who are taking a stand against racial, religious, economic, gender or any other bias against citizens, we stand with you.  Let’s empower, education and expose more of our children to colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

As students are choosing which college or university they want to attend, remember to:

  • Connect with your school’s leaders about college readiness
  • Research non profits and agencies that provide college tours
  • Support school SGA’s with fundraising for K-12 college tours



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