Parents, do you need some summer relief?

Parents looking for some exciting ways to continue learning this summer? Or to just have the kids occupied? Well, we’ve brought back Pam McNall of Respectful Ways again this summer to provide helpful resources for families. Here’s a great summer resource that includes a beautiful bookmark printout for teachers and parents. It also gives great advice, check it out!

5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids’ Social Skills Fresh

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Summertime doesn’t have to mean a slide in personal growth. These fun activities can help kids keep their Social-Emotional Learning fresh over the summer, and learn more about themselves and others along the way. Print this guide to summertime SEL, and start your kids’ break off the respectful way!

Social skills never take a vacation

According to a recent study, American educators re-teach about a month of material lost to summertime inactivity every fall. Students from lower-income families fare even worse.

Schools tend to focus on the decline in reading and math proficiency, but sustained development in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is arguably just as important. After all, a better sense of responsibility, respect, compassion, and perseverance naturally enhances academic performance. Study after study demonstrates this.

Start your kids’ break off the respectful way! Print our free guide to summertime SEL. Hang it on your refrigerator or bulletin board for to remind children to stay active, creative and growing over vacation.

See the 5 ways here and don’t forget to leave a comment and share this resource with other families. Remember that learning begins at home and continues through the summer. #familyengagement

Pam McNall is Founder and CEO of Respectful Ways, an online social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for PreK-12. Respectful Ways educates students on social skills and emotional intelligence using custom-tailored SEL curriculum based on specific behavioral issues at your school, camp or afterschool program. Using project-based learning (PBL) and innovative research-based activities, the online modules capture imaginations with original hip hop and pop-culture trends to engage today’s youth.


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