Should Superintendents Have Classroom Experience?

“Can someone who isn’t a traditional educator or have classroom experience run a school district? I believe they can. Just know that they will run it based on their expertise.” 

Our EdLanta topic this week is School Leadership. The question that is on the floor is, “should superintendents have classroom experience?” Check out our EdLanta Facebook Page and take our poll!

Researchers and advocates have debated should school superintendent’s have classroom experience for the last couple of decades. In the mist of failing schools across the Nation,  I believe that a strong school superintendent needs to have experience in Education. We are dealing with the lives of children and families. I hold Education in as high regards as I would healthcare. I’m beginning to see school leaders function more as corporate directors and not educational leaders. Of course, education is a business but it’s the business of educating and putting children first! Too often, adults are putting their needs and career moves ahead of the well-being of children.

As schools are getting out for summer break, we’re keeping our stakeholders engaged and informed through our EdLanta blogs. This week’s topic is around school district superintendents and school leaders. Should they have classroom experience?

I would like to hear the voices of all stakeholders especially those who serve in these roles and school board members. Please share your perspectives and research in the comment section.  




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