10 Students of Destiny Achievers Academy Reclaim Their Time

“One of the most rewarding parts of working with this program is giving back. When you are able to walk into a crowded gymnasium and you hear the students asking one another if that is Dr. Danny from Wheels of Dreams and only the administration of the school know that one of their amazing students, whom you’ve only met through their application and essay, is going to be awarded a much-needed scholarship, is why we continue bringing this program to the community.” -Dr. Danny, Program Administrator

This year, In School Spirit worked with students from elementary to high school and introduced them to the world of entrepreneurship and education. The curiosity of who were the people behind the “bus” was the invitation to come and share with schools about the amazing work that this program does.

Let’s see more of their story below:

Ten students of Destiny Achievers Academy (alternative school) were awarded certificates of participation in this year’s program. According to on site guidance counselors, schools like Destiny typically meet students who are at a point in their lives where they are in need of a program like this. Dr. Griffin, Principal of Destiny Achievers Academy said that, “programs like this and the commitment and consistency you’ve displayed to our students has given them hope and options for their future plans. That has left a lasting impression on our kids.”

Meeting and working with unique students like Moriah, who on the first day introduced herself as someone who was very quiet and spoke very softly, was one of our consistent, leadership volunteers who always signed up for a leadership role, proving that not all effective leaders have to be heard loudly. Many of the students in this group, like Moriah, have chosen to pursue alternative future plans which include attending the military prior to college. Additionally, many have decide that
future entrepreneurship would be in their plans as well.

Our two scholarship award recipients this school year were chosen from a pool of twelve who applied for our $1000 scholarship for their first year of college. Muriel Powell, Wheels of Dreams Youth Foundation President stated, “the judges had to make a tough decision.” However, we were excited to surprise this year’s two winners with the great news on their campus during their last days of high school (while in preparation for their graduation ceremonies). During the interview process, they were informed that they would not know when and how they would be notified, however their guidance counselors and schools were very helpful in coordinating this wonderful announcement.


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