Male Engagement Impacts Literacy!

Black Male Engagement is critically important in reinforcing literacy skills and it begins with fathers or father figures, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers, etc., reading to Black boys. 

As a Black Male Educator I know how critically important it is for Black boys to have Black males engaged in their lives. People ask me what works and I tell them, “Male Engagement!”

Black boys having a Black male reading to them is powerful!

That’s why this month I’m encouraging more Black males to be more engaged in the academic and social journey of our Black boys.

“It’s more than just marching through the community with our kids, it’s about showing up, being present in the school and reading with them that changes the narrative. “– David Branch, Men of PAPAC

Edmonds, Washington State, USA — African American father helping son with homework — Image by © Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Corbis

Black boys matriculation through school is tougher without the necessary literacy skills needed to be successful as they go on to the next grade level.

I’ve seen Black males from my BMWI mentoring program reading with our Black boys. This isn’t just an initiative in schools, it’s a movement! 

Black males are the champions that Black boys need to in order to get more involved and excited about reading. This is why Black male engagement helps to increase the interest of reading in Black boys. 

I have seen a huge difference in the academic performance of Black boys in schools that have a balanced number of Black Male Educators along with a strong Black Male Engagement Program.

Saving our boys begins with us reading to our Black boys and putting just as much emphasis on reading as we often do for sports. 

Build a Library Project

The Build A Library Project is another solution and great example reflecting how communities can empower Black Male engagement to increase the literacy and competency rate of Black boys.

Brenda Coleman is the CEO of Atlanta CARES, the organization that created the Build a Library Project .They have partnered with Fathers Incorporated – Real Dads Read, South Fulton Arrow Youth Council. Max Opus Round, Sandtown Park Recreation Center and Welcome All Park Recreation Center,

Atlanta CARES has always wanted to impact literacy by helping to foster a joy of reading for student. Atlanta CARES goal for the Build a Library Project is to improve the literacy skills of youth by placing libraries filled with culturally relevant books in their facilities.


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