Here’s How to Get That High End Item on Your Wish List!

This year in education has definitely been eventful. So hopefully all educators were able to get everything on their wish list.

All year school leaders have asked about solutions that help to turnaround the success of Black boys in schools.

I’ve been in meetings where school leaders address school challenges that all include or impact Black boys. Yes I don’t hear anyone ask, “what does it take to hire and keep Black male teachers? If you haven’t figured it out, we are the solution and are on many school leader’s wish list.

Incentives aren’t the top reasons that attract Black males to education. 

The impact our presence has children and especially Black boys is why we take on the call to teach. I see the impact that being a Black male teacher has on all my students daily.

There is also a positive and immediate impact on the behavior of Black boys. This helps give us consistent academic data to really see how our turnaround strategies are working and that’s the job

If your school is planning to hire and retain Black male teachers here are a couple of things you will need to do!

  • Ensure they are prepared for the classroom
  • Provide quality professional development
  • Allow flexibility to create and implement innovative lessons
  • Make room for them to grow

Here’s how to get that high-end item on your wish list! 

I asked several Black males between the ages of 18 – 22 who attended the National Black Male Educators convening what it would take to hire and keep them as a teacher.

Amongst the top areas that would encourage Black males to become teachers are good salaries, opportunities for professional growth and support for classroom management.

Their requirements aren’t too much to ask and actually make a lot of sense in my opinion.


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