HIV Is Killing Black Boys In Atlanta Almost Faster than Bullets

Atlanta parents and communities have a reason to be concerned about the new stats released on HIV. Especially those raising Black boys.

The Grio recently published an article that highlighted alarming numbers of Black residents of Atlanta diagnosed with HIV.

In fact, it highlights that Atlanta remains in a HIV/AIDS health crisis and ranks fourth in the nation for new HIV diagnoses.

We don’t have enough organizations like Street Smart that are reaching Black boys!” 

On the flip side of this news, what’s so dope is that Atlanta has an amazing organization, Street Smart Youth Project, that is really reaching youth.

They also have a unique gift in getting Black boys engaged.

One of the topics the organization advocates for is having more Black male counselors in schools.

Counselors can work with Black boys and their families to provide additional resources and ongoing support.

HIV Is killing Black boys in Atlanta faster than bullets! 

The epidemic has a major impact on Black boys in Atlanta.

Recent data on new diagnosed cases of HIV in Atlanta shows that Black boys between the ages of 12 – 18 have increased. 

If the Atlanta school district partners with organizations like Street Smart, then we could reach and educate more families about HIV.



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