It Takes a Black Male Teacher to Swag Out Robotics

A Georgia educator is proving that Black boys can excel in engineering.

Using cars and robots, this teacher is making CTAE (what we in Georgia call career, technical and agricultural education) cool again. His presence as a Black male teacher has increased the interest and enrollment of Black boys in CTAE and robotics.

A Black male teacher can definitely swag out robotics!

Dr. Raymont Burke gains his students’ respect by empowering them.

He also gives his students a social platform by using sound engineering and music production in his class. This is one area that tends to thrive with heavy participation amongst Black boys.

He has developed strategies for identifying Black boys who are gifted in engineering. Robotics, engineering and technology are areas that engage and excite Black boys about learning and that’s where real the turnaround takes place.

CTAE is important to Black boys because it is a pathway to higher education. 

Dr. Burke believes that CTAE can bridge the gap Black boys graduating high school and successful going through college. He believes Black boys can recover academically if enrolled in engineering/robotics programs during the middle and high school stages.

Dr. Raymont Burke teaches engineering at Liberty Middle School in Newton County, Georgia. 


  2 comments for “It Takes a Black Male Teacher to Swag Out Robotics

  1. Alexis Smith Thomason
    December 12, 2018 at 9:30 am

    I think this is awesome. I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Raymont Burke at Liberty Middle School…He is always on the cutting edge of technology (and fashion, by the way), and is very personable in his relationships. He is always a ray of sunshine, and easy to talk to. He is a leader, and has a new wave of thinking that reaches all races. He is fun to be around, and very entertaining. You can often see him in the hall flying his newest drone or even hear him playing his flute. (I ‘betcha didn’t know he can play music!!) I can say it is my pleasure to know Dr. Raymont Burke!

    Alexis Smith Thomason

  2. lairy mathis
    December 12, 2018 at 10:56 am

    His class is so much fun OMG!!!!!!!!!

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