Teaching Black Boys History in the Classroom and Leadership in the Board Room

It is true that you sometimes have to be the change that you desire to see in society. Metro Atlanta schools have some Black male teachers who are doing it!

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018 R. Syntel Brown will be sworn in at 9:00 a.m. at Spalding County Courthouse by State Court judge the Honorable Ronald J. Ramsey.

He is a real life Clark Kent for our Black boys. 

Mr. Brown is teaching Black boys history in the classroom and leadership in the board room.

Monday through Friday, Black boys in Mr. Brown’s history class are getting real life situations and experiences from their teacher.

History is important to how well we thrive in the future. Teaching our Black boys Social Studies empowers them civically.

“Instead of being victims of society, I’m teaching Black boys how to be the Jay- Z’s and Cam Newtons of education and politics,” says Brown.

This school year he has seen the young men he teaches become active participants in the political process. Within the short 5 months, they have even written letters to their senators and representatives.

Just last week, Sen. Nikema Williams, representing Georgia’s 39th Senate District, presided over our Student Senate.

Teaching Black boys about the political process is what gives them a different way to change their communities. So many decisions are made on a regular basis and if you are not the table you are on the menu.

As one of his scholars puts it, “Politics deals with everything, from how much tax something is, making decision about my education.” Mr. Brown teaches Black boys daily about the impact of elected leadership and public policy. 

R. Syntel Brown is a History Teacher at Fulton Leadership Academy in East Point, Georgia. He newly elected member of the Griffin – Spalding Board of Education. 


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