Curtis Jenkins Impacts Student Success From the School Bus

Many of our children begin their day waiting at the bus stop to get to school. Our Bus drivers are the first Educators to engage our scholars.

I believe that the engagement of Bus Drivers with our scholars helps set the tone for their behavior and expectations about learning. They are a critical piece to school turnaround and social emotional learning (SEL).

We can improve the educational experience on school buses by upgrading them. 

Students often share how their day starts off great because of their experience on the bus. Every bus and every school district needs to have educators on buses who can make a difference in the lives of children.

Curtis Jenkins impacts student success from the school bus.

His recent act of kindness shows the positive impact Bus Drivers have on our scholars.

Bus drivers for public schools need raises!

Mr. Jenkins is just one example of why the work that Bus Drivers is critical to learning.

Imagine if Bus Drivers had resources to play educational videos, have kids do educational sing along songs to the latest music. We can make our school buses classrooms where learning can take place through social engagement. There’s no rule to say that learning can’t be fun.



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