Hell No, We Have No Choice!

Let’s be clear, if we don’t change our educational system it’s going to slowly merge itself into the prison system.

So hell no, we have no choice but to advocate for school choice and better educational outcomes for all children.

Our children cannot succeed if their choice is taken from them.

If we don’t advocate, policy makers will continue to not properly fund charter schools, support affect school turnaround models and continue to not allow teachers to be innovative in the classroom.

School choice works and it makes sense to support it. 

As a Charter school leader, I know that school choice works!

It makes sense to support school choice! It’s our responsibility to support the right educational leaders reforming schools.

Reform gets a bad name when educational leaders experiment with educating children.

That’s why some argue that school choice doesn’t work. 

Ed Johnson is an educational advocate for children and families in Atlanta who believes it’s not working. Arguably, Mr. Johnson believes that the use of charter schools as school turnaround without school improvement lends credence to Kohn’s research findings.

Charter schools are providing better educational options. 

Our charter schools in Georgia are proving this to be true.

I’m proud of the work that my fellow Charter leaders are doing across the state.

We are improving because the organizations that are supporting us are improving.

I believe that a lot of the success we’re seeing in charter schools is because of the innovation and flexibility in the academic programs.

School choice gives hope to families and communities that have never been given a choice regarding their education.



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