Incentives Don’t Produce Results, Interventions Do!

There’s a reason intervention is more than just a buzz word; catching developmental delays early on shows the greatest promise for improvement.

Incentives don’t produce results, interventions do.

Most educators will tell you that incentive based initiatives aren’t what they appear.

In fact, The Edvocate highlights that . . .

Black boys are more likely to be placed in special education at early ages.

80 percent of all special education students are Black or Hispanic boys.

A leading factor to this is the lack of support and resources for early interventions.

Atlanta’s superintendent realizes this and is already changing this pathway for students.

Atlanta Public Schools is doing some innovative things with interventions that are working!

Changing the pathway to special education starts with early childhood development. 

Dr. Carstarphen plans to invest into intervention programs such as early learning to continued success of her turn around strategy.

APS to date as raised $61 million to help fund such programs and wrap-around services. Interventions work best when the resources to support families are in place.

That’s a great way to use interventions to produce results.

We need more school districts to follow APS and invest more dollars into early interventions.


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