Is Public Education Fulfilling Its Purpose?

In 1947, Dr.King addressed in a short essay, The Purpose of Education!” After reading Dr. King’s short essay on education his question to me feels even more relevant now than ever.

“Is education fulfilling its purpose?”

Dr. King urged Americans to work harder to ensure that all children, innocent souls, have a fair and equitable opportunity to learn in order for them to be a productive and fulfilled citizen.

His vision of equitable education for all children can be achieved; but, it’s going to require us to do this work. 

This work begins with listening to the voices of our children, engaging parents and empowering teachers. It’s also going to require us to be innovative in the following ways”

  1. Including service learning within school curriculum Pre K – 12 
  2. Beginning character education in Pre K – 12th and continuing advanced levels of this in higher education
  3. Advocating for diversity in school leadership (district/school level)
  4. Ensuring that there is diversity in the contractors who provide services to school districts
  5. Having more field studies/field trips to increase student exposure or cultures, careers and history
  6. Putting students in the forefront of educational advocacy
  7. Improving student engagement from higher education to primary education (mentoring, tutoring)
  8. Utilizing SEL to teach acceptance and tolerance

We won’t make education equitable for all into we truly heed the words and lessons of Dr. King on justice and equality for all.


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