It’s Even More Challenging for Jerome’s Grandparents to Get Him Ready for College

Preparing children for college is not easy work.

It’s even more challenging for Jerome’s grandparents to get him ready for college.

I learned this through my family’s non-profit organization, Lillie’s Foundation, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our organization serves grandparents raising school aged children.

There are hundreds of  Black boys being raised by their grandparents. In fact, many of the Black boys who haven’t found their success pathway in school aren’t being supported at home.

Too often we make the assumption that everyone has technology in their home. 

At a recently I asked some of the teenagers in our foundation about the barriers their grandparents face in helping them prepare for college.

College access isn’t as accessible as we may think. Completing Financial Aid forms and school registration paperwork can be confusing for anyone. Navigating websites for college access is challenging for grandparents.

That’s why Lillie’s Foundation Board Member and founder of the Community Empowerment Foundation, Dr. Danielle Stewart is developing an app for college readiness that is easy to usage, especially for grandparents.






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