McDonald’s Can Learn from It’s Teen Employees Attacked by Racist Customers

McDonald’s has been an intricate part of our lives.

In fact, I remember my first birthday party held at the McDonald’s playland.

My first job, like many of my friends and peers, was at McDonald’s.

Now as a classroom teacher, I worry for my students who work at McDonald’s with so many racially motivated incidents.

Maybe McDonald’s needs to explore becoming an establishment that is no place for hate to protect its teen employees. 

We teach our students about career readiness in schools just like we teach that our schools are no place for hate.

It speaks of our society, but no one should feel comfortable coming into a McDonald’s and being rude or hateful to the employees.

As we returned to school this week, my students discussed their concerns about the young Florida teen attacked.

During their research, they discovered that McDonald’s as had several racially motivated incidents over the last couple of years.

Our teenagers in the workforce deserve to be respected too! 

Companies can be proactive about protecting their employees starting with security. Security has always been a concern at McDonald’s.

We must show our teenagers that going into the workforce isn’t going to cost you your life.

McDonald’s helps hundreds of teenagers through high school and prepare for college. However, teens don’t want to risk their lives in the process of going to college because McDonald’s establishments aren’t safe.








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