New TAD Deal in Atlanta Could Sell Out Black Boys for the Highest Bid

Some City of Atlanta communities are still working to turn around failing schools. The lack of economic development in some areas continue to leave schools without the resources they need.

It may be a new year and new TAD deal but will it be the same outcomes for Black boys in struggling schools?

Several Atlanta south and west side schools are still struggling.

The previous TAD deal established in the late 90’s had detrimental impacts on Black boys impacted by the cheating scandal.

We saw increases in juvenile delinquency and high school dropouts rates left for the Superintendent to reduce and turnaround.

Now, talks of a new TAD deal in Atlanta could sell out Black boys for the highest bid.

Black boys excelled in everything except for academics resulting in a very expensive turnaround effort.

The AJC recently reported that as of last Friday it’s not clear as to what the figures would be and how much Atlanta schools would lose or gain.

Our children are not for sale! 

Many Atlanta residents want school board members to remember the children while voting today.

Some Atlanta residents are asking if the Atlanta School Board and Superintendent are too involved in Atlanta politics.

I disagree.

Politics involving the academic growth and development is to be protected and defended by the officials elected by the people.

School board leaders are the top advocates for the educational rights for children.





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