Our Girls Aren’t Just Becoming, They’re Being!

As a Black male educator, our presence in schools positively impacts girls. I have the honor of serving as the Chairman of the Board for Ivy Prep, an all girls charter school.  

This feature highlights our Ivy Scholar of the Month and the work our leaders are doing to educate the whole girl.

This is true for Ivy! Putting scholars first is a part of our culture. 

So is our celebration of our scholars succeeding is only a stepping stone into the future. 

Ivy Prep girls aren’t just becoming, they’re being!

We are so proud of our scholar of the month!

December’s word of the month was kindness, an attribute we are encouraging in all of our scholars. 

Kyleigh showed her teachers and fellow scholars what it means to be kind! 

Inspired by our Forever First Lady, Kyleigh decided to model the kindness that Michelle Obama displays.

Our scholars have taken on the motto that they are becoming like the title book written by Mrs. Obama.

They however are becoming but want to be the leaders of change starting right now. 

Practice make perfect and at Ivy that practice begins now. 

One of our goals is to seek partners that can help us provide each of our Ivy scholar of the months with a copy of Becoming.

“It’s important for our girls to take advantage of this women’s empowerment movement,” says our Head of Schools, Dr. Charcia Nichols.

The first step of ensuring we support our girls in not only becoming, but being is to ensure they have the resources they need. 

You can support our goal for scholar of the month by giving today.

Ivy, we are becoming and are 



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