Students Advocate for Student Government to be An Elective Course

Electives are essential classes that keep kids interested in school. So why are we cutting them from the budget?

Children learn the importance of civic duty and community engagement at school.

Just recently my students wrote about how to improve educational policies so school won’t be so boring. One solution they feel would help is making student governance an elective.

SGA as an elective course is a stepping stone to civic duty.

Social studies introduces children to student government through citizenship.

It is the vehicle that provides service learning and enrichment opportunities.

Engaging students through student government, student ambassadors and other community service oriented organizations provides a wide range of benefits.

If school districts want to reduce the number of Black boys being suspended they must be innovative.

SGA is a stepping stone that could inspire young Black boys to become teachers. There are several Black male teachers in Georgia who are also school board members.

Black boys in the school districts they serve have role models inspiring them to graduate and go to college. SGA is also a good way for Black boys to receive additional scholarships for college.

So yes, all schools should have SGA as an elective course! SGA as an elective course can help inspire Black boys succeed in school.

Their involvement in SGA can inspire them to go to college or become teachers and the leaders who change how we educate children.



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