Teachers Need Less Paperwork so They Can Do More Teaching

Are teachers really overwhelmed with teaching because of unnecessary paperwork about discipline?

Unfortunately it’s true!

Teachers are given way too much paperwork to do regarding discipline and little support.

Students suffer from this time taken from instructional support. Especially the alarming number of Black boys who are in special education classes.

That’s why teachers need less paperwork so they can do more teaching!

The Edvocate highlights that. . .

Black boys account for 20 percent of U.S. students labeled as mentally retarded, even though they represent just 9 percent of the population. On the other end of the extreme, black boys are 2.5 times less likely to be classified as “gifted and talented” even if their academic record shows that potential.

Teachers are spending more time doing paperwork from my experience.

It’s like when going to the doctor’s office and not having a Nurse or Assistant to help you. You just wait for hours to see a doctor and then the doctor has to do all the paperwork before actually checking our your ailment.

Reducing the number of Black boys in special education classes is a troubling reality for American schools.

This work begins with supporting teachers with the resources needed to educate the deficiencies of all students.

Black boys are more likely than any other group to be placed in special education classes.

There are so many Black boys traveling down the road to special education.

If teachers need more time to implement interventions, than school leaders should make it happen.


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