Turning “RISK” into Promise is Possible!

There’s a new charter school coming to Metro Atlanta that is focused on giving boys of color a chance. The school will be turning RISK into promise!
The academy is focused on college and career preparation.
AIT Prep is looking to serve families in the Cobb and Douglas County Area.
One innovative thing about the school is that it will be offering OJT internships and appropriate certifications.
This is a resource for parents who are raising boys of color in Georgia.

Our black and brown boys need options and school choice provides this!

Everyone is talking about black and brown boys in crisis but no one is tackling the real enemy.
AIT Prep will!
The school will be addressing something that is an enemy to boys of color; Hood Disease.
Hood Disease has taken too many of our boys of color out of schools placing them in jails.
Teachers and staff will use a special curriculum that will address Hood Disease. This will help heal and support brown and black boys; resulting to a higher success rate de-escalating behaviors that disrupt continued successes.
AIT Prep will also use mediation therapy to enhance critical thinking reflecting on decisions that can cause major life detours and interrupt their educational success.

Helping boys of color begins early!

We will use a host of strategies, i.e, interviews, ILPS, school records, letters of recommendation, transcripts etc., to ensure we are meeting the social, emotional, academic needs of all our students.  We will use a variety of methods to define and get to know our students.
AIT Prep is based in MASTERY of the 4 core with dovetailed STEAM, Robotics, Drone Technology. We have a heavy inference on literacy as a public charter school but with a more intimate school feel. This works for boys!
All students 9-12 will participate in ROTC. Each student will read 20 books per school year as literacy is a key component to our scholars and school success.
Male teachers of color will be hired and placed throughout the school. Students need to see Black men yes, but they also need to see more males of other races, cultures and ethnicities too!
The TIME is NOW for EDUCATION to step up create and sustain an environment that protects and uplifts our black and brown boys.
AIT Prep will continue to stay with our scholars until they graduate from college and then serve as job placement support. Our ultimate goal is for them to come back and serve their community as a positive spoke of continuity.
If this interests you, please complete this survey here.

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