We Spend Money Everywhere but Still Won’t Invest In Public Schools

It’s true

Americans spend money on clothes, cars and even our cats but won’t invest in public schools.

A question even the millennials are asking, why aren’t we investing more in schools?

More dollars are invested in prisons for Black boys than classrooms! 

Black boys are more likely to attend schools with teachers who aren’t prepared to educate them.

Schools with majority Black students tend to have lower numbers of teachers who are certified in their degree areas.

If we don’t have teachers eager to teach in schools where Black boys are struggling, then how are we really investing in them?

We expect discounted services in schools for students because of our lack of investment.

Our children are competing against global competitors on a shoe string budget.

Schools that perform poorly are also poorly funded.

The current funding structure restricts school districts from providing equitable resources.

If we are truly going to change our society for the better, we need more students, parents and stakeholders to start asking our government, where are the dollars at for education!






Photo credit © Edward Pond Model Boy Holding Money


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