Atlantans for Excellent Schools Voices Support for a Shared Vision of Excellence in APS

As the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) board contemplates the future of the school system, a group of diverse leaders and organizations is coming together as Atlantans for Excellent Schools to support a plan for a public school system rooted in excellence.

This plan puts into action a system that measures school quality and improvement, identifies what’s working, and outlines a plan for ensuring all families can send their students to excellent schools.

“A shared vision for excellent schools—for Atlantans and by Atlantans—can lead to the lasting change we need and the high-quality education we promise every student,” says a statement from Justine Boyd of UNCF.

With our school board starting conversations about the Excellent Schools Framework, Atlantans for Excellent Schools seeks to ensure that all families are able to weigh in.

Atlantans for excellent schools voices support for a shared vision of excellence for Atlanta Public Schools.

Atlantans for Excellent Schools believes that Atlanta Public Schools, in partnership with our Atlanta community, should work with urgency to create a public education system that prepares our students for future success.

The coalition currently includes UNCF, Grove Park Foundation, redefinED Atlanta, Center for Civic Innovation, Communities In Schools of Atlanta and Reverend Dr. Charles A. Harper III. At the heart of the coalition’s effort is the belief in an Atlanta Promise: that all Atlanta students will be able to attend excellent schools.

“By working together under a shared vision, we can identify and expand school improvement approaches that work and move away from approaches that don’t result in excellent schools for Atlanta families,” says Frank Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Communities in Schools of Atlanta.

He goes on: “What we’re building here is a movement to support the promise of a great public education that Atlanta has made to our students.”

Over the coming months and years, we will seek out opportunities for Atlanta families to raise their voices around what excellent schools look like for their students.

“Atlanta families are ready for proven approaches to excellent schools that put students first and ensure every student is able to attend excellent schools,” said Debra Edelson, executive director of Grove Park Foundation.

“By identifying what’s working in schools and improving on new ideas, we can replicate practices that work, end practices that don’t, and plan for schools that meet our promise that all students will be able to attend excellent schools within a generation.”

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