Black Boys Are Also Lynched In Classrooms

A 11-year-old Black boy arrested in school is modern-day lynching.

We should have better policies in place to protect our Black boys.

If living in the United States is “so bad,” why not go to another place to live? 

This stated to a Black male student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy; but he’s arrested for disruption.

Modern day lynching of Black boys is happening when they are getting arrested at 11 years old.

Especially when Black boys are being arrested right in our backyard.

We continue to fail Black boys and steal their innocence! 

There is no way what we can continue to allow any Black boy, regardless of their age, to be unjustly suspended from school.

School districts continue to allow the innocence of Black boys to be taken away.

Partly due to poor policies the lack of diversity and cultural sensitivity training for staff members.

This includes substitutes and other contracted workers.

I’m challenging school Boards in the State of Georgia to look at their policies on cultural sensitivity trainings.

Are our policies created on the bias stereotypes on Black boys? 

The bigger issue here is that we demonize Black boys in schools and in our communities.

This child was literally spoken to in a racially discriminative matter but when he advocates for himself he’s arrested.

Our Black boys must be empowered to advocate for themselves.

We must also be more conscious minded around the policies we create that are bias to Black boys.

The modern-day lynching of Black boys may be in a different method, but the source still stems from policy development.



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