Blackface Is An Ugly Truth of Black History

Regardless of what MAGA is saying, it’s widely acknowledged that the use of blackface is unacceptable.

The truth is, blackface is racist and deplorable.

Our students need to see this for what it is.

Blackface is an ugly truth of Black History; we cannot ignore this.

Childish Gambino recently referenced blackface in his work,

Blackface is not simply face painting!

Social media and YouTube are teaching our students about blackface.

Students have to learn that this is culturally offensive.

Some students are using blackface as a way to mimic and tease black students.

At one Georgia high school band thought it was okay.

Blackface is not a cultural appropriate way of non students of color to show appreciation for blackness.

Although, difficult and maybe even controversial, Black history must be taught in schools.

Many teachers struggle with ways to teach lessons around Black history.

Teaching students about blackface makes a difference! 

Colorism stemmed from divisive and racially motivated acts such as blackface to devalue dark skin.

Lighter skinned Black students are often teased or have their “blackness” questioned because they aren’t dark enough.

Being in an all Black school doesn’t mean blackface isn’t an issue.

If we don’t teach lessons about blackface it will continue to be a present day problem.


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