Charter Schools Could Lead Us to Black History Being Included in Curriculum

I’m a supporter for both Black history and school choice!

Speaking of school choice, our charter schools innovation should include teaching Black history.

I would love to see some advocacy around Black history included in the curriculum.

A curriculum that composed of Black history, now that’s progress!

We cannot improve the culture within American society if we continue neglecting to teach Black history. 

All school districts should be teaching Black history. 

Not just in predominantly Black schools but all schools. 

Celebrating Black history is great!

In fact traditional public schools set the bar for Black history celebrations and lessons.

But right now in America we need to teach Black history in schools in order to change racial tension in America. 

Teaching Black history helps to alleviate the racial history and interaction of police officers and black youth. 

Curriculum that includes the holistic cultural perspective of all non-European cultures is important.

Is Black history just for Black people? Of course not but many schools and communities believe that it is.

Charter Schools Could Lead Us to Black History Being Included in The Curriculum

Teaching Black history helps to build school culture, character development and restorative practices that in turn will decrease the racial tension and prejudices in America. 

A lot of the aspects of Black history are not taught. 

I’ve seen positive impacts on in school culture from quality lessons during Black History Month.

It all depends on how educators teach lessons during Black history and beyond.

Teaching Black history throughout the school year helps to improve the performance of Black students.

Cultural interactions also improve as a result of teaching. 

Like Nelson Mandela said, education is a powerful tool that can change our society.


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