DuBois Academy Finds an Innovative Way to Support Black Boys

There’s a lot of talk around educating Black boys.

But there aren’t that many of us doing the real work.

However, Georgia seems to be growing and going in the right direction of how to do this.

DuBois Academy Finds an Innovative Way to Support Black Boys!

The school based in Riverdale, Georgia is providing literacy and mental health resources for their students.

Tyrell Zimmerman has partnered with the school with an innovative initiative.

The Tyrell Zimmerman Mental Health and Wellness through Literacy Program will support literacy

I’m excited for the school and the students.

Schools need actively recruit more Black counselors.

I commend DuBois Academy for making the conversation about mental health and wellness real.

Du Bois Integrity Academy is taking a whole-child approach to elementary education program.

It takes teachers, administrators, school board leaders and parents working together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral and emotional needs of Black boys.

All schools should consider providing mental health support for Black boys!

There are many reasons why schools should provide mental health and literacy support for Black boys.

Many Black boys battle mental health challenges because of trauma.

Our neglect and failure to acknowledge that trauma impact Black boys causes them to battle mental health in their adulthood.

– Black men face greater mental health risks and challenges

– Black communities believe in negative stigmas about counseling

Special education often masks mental health challenges Black boys face

Zimmerman is an author, mental health advocate, business consultant, financial expert and former NFL player.


Jason has worked in education for over 15 years as a teacher, blogger and community advocate. He speaks and writes primarily about the need to improve education for Black boys, particularly increasing the number of Black male educators in schools. In addition to blogging here at EdLanta, Jason is also a featured writer at Education Post.

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