Muslim Girls of Color Need Quality Choices for Schools Too!

It’s true Black girls aren’t safe in public schools.

For many girls of color, especially Muslim girls, there was no choice for public education.

But, there’s a school in Atlanta, Georgia that is changing this!

As the Board Chairman for Ivy Prep, we are the right place to educate and empower the whole girl.

Ivy Provides Muslim Girls of Color A Choice for Educational Excellence Too!

It’s important for Black muslim girls in schools to also feel protected, embraced and empowered.

School choice is not only the Black choice, but Ivy is the right choice for our girls.

Many Muslim families struggle to find a school of choice that ensures the safety of daughter.

NPR featured a powerful story on the treatment of Muslim students and teachers in American schools.

“Knowing that any girl struggles to be accepted at school encourages me to work even harder.”

The Ivy Prep Academy Kirkwood Head of Schools, Dr. Charcia Nichols, is leading the organization.

Her focus is on developing a culture of inclusion, innovation and instructional excellence.

The teachers engage our girls in cultural activities and discussions outside of the classroom.

Empowering girls to have an opinion about current events inspires them to want to make change.

Their advocacy sparked the developed of the school’s Muslim support group for girls.

Ivy’s focus on giving all girls a chance has produced Muslim girls serving as student ambassadors, implementing clothing drives and taking their rightful place in the schools culture.

“We are proud to be a pillar of hope in the community for not only Muslim families, but all families who want their young girls to attend our schools!” states Dr. Nichols.


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