Jussie Smollet’s Story Doesn’t Discount the Reality of Hate Crimes

I’m very disappointed in the media frenzy and speculation around Jussie Smollett.

Even more upset with all the people who poured their hearts out to a celebrity whom they’ve never known or may never see when we have Black men and boys wounded and assaulted daily because of their sexuality and race.

They are equally as important and most be supported too!

Jussie Smollet’s Story Doesn’t Discount the Reality of Hate Crimes!

Many don’t know the story of Je’ Wesley.

Three months ago multiple guys jumped him on Edgewood Avenue here in Atlanta.

This was based on their perception of his sexual orientation.

They left him in a coma, life support, a catheter and in the hospital for days through the Thanksgiving holiday.

He was listed as a “John Doe” for nearly 24 hours before anyone was ever to locate me.

Yet, we say, “Atlanta Is The City Too Busy To Hate.”

Hate Crimes are Real!

Black boys are victims of abuse, physical, mental or emotional, and this trauma is caused by hatred.

Something isn’t right when our society puts more into celebrities than Black boys suffering from hate crimes daily.

The bigger crime is that so many incidents are happening in schools and our Black boys aren’t protected.

Like so many of our Black boys, Je’ Wesley is someone we can see and touch everyday with valuable contributions to the Atlanta community.

Yet, like Je’ Wesley, our Black boys aren’t being protected.

They are bullied and threatened in schools because of how people perceive them.




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