Shortage of Funding for Facilities is Draining Charter Schools

Our Georgia charter schools need your help. Please write to our Georgia legislators to tell them why facilities funding is necessary for our charter schools. Here is the link to take action Act now! Rashaun Holliman, GCSA VP Policy & Advocacy. 

Dear Georgia Legislators,

I am a Board Chairman at Ivy Prep Academy.

I am writing to request funding for HB430, which would provide $100,000 in much-needed facilities funding to Georgia’s public charters.

Facilities funding for the charter schools is important so that we can ensure our schools are safe.

Putting Georgia’s children first starts with safe schools with innovative classrooms.

Shortage of funding for facilities is draining charter schools!

In Atlanta, Ivy Prep Academy is serving girls across the Metro Atlanta area who are striving to become the next global leaders.

We will not be able to give them the opportunities they are seeking if most of our budgets are spent on facilities and operations.

Some will say that monies should be used for other things such as safety and infrastructure.

But none of these things should come before the well-being of our children.

That’s why it’s important for charter schools to receive funds for facilities.

Our schools would be able to provide safer environments, quality services and space for innovation to happen in classrooms with additional support from funds for facilities.

This would allow us to direct funds toward expansion. For example, funds for facilities would help charter schools with expanding classrooms. At Ivy, we want our girls to be able to create the impossible. This won’t happen if charter schools don’t having funding to expand their facilities.

While the additional funding provided by HB 787 last year was an important step forward, it’s important to note that charter schools still pay more for less when it comes to facilities.

Charter schools, unlike traditional district schools, must dedicate substantial portions of their budgets to facility leases or financing.

Support our girls by funding for HB430!


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