Strong Governance Sustains Charter Schools

Ask any charter school board leader, governing a school district is not easy work! 

Leading the Board for Ivy Preparatory Academy in Atlanta, Georgia has opened my eyes to the urgency of accountability in schools.

It takes planning to ensure that children receive the best education possible.

There are a lot of major decisions that require a lot of time and attention to detail. 

5 Ways to Being Accountability 

  • It starts with building relationships!
  • Reinforce support and resources for teachers, leaders, staff and parents 
  • Building effective academic support programs for parents to continue education at home
  • Understanding everyone’s roles and responsibilities 
  • Updated policies with fluid processes and procedures

Accountability is best evident when there’s strong governance in place.

Strong governance sustains and builds effective schools.

School boards are responsible for hiring a leader who oversees the organization. 

One challenge governing boards face is maintaining school governance is the accountability of the school leader.

Learning from previous experiences has helped us turn the page at Ivy.

Now Ivy Prep has a new Head of Schools with a focus on ARROW.

We can’t begin to have conversations about accountability without all stakeholders at the table.

Our students, parents, staff, teachers and Board members use ARROW to ensure we’re providing our girls with simply the best!

Accountability lead us to the path of excellence in educating the whole girl at Ivy.

My recommendation to governing boards is to build accountability through engagement.

When all stakeholders are engaged, students and schools thrive.



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