Black Males Celebrate Girls At Ivy

This isn’t just a tradition, but a cultural norm at Ivy.

Fathers, grandfathers and other male figures love to come and support our girls.

In fact, each year the school host the Annual Father Daughter dance.

Black males celebrate girls at Ivy!

So there’s no coincidence that the event takes place in March.

But our Black men are engaged in the daily program of Ivy.

From the boardroom to the classroom, Ivy has Black males engaged on every level.

The event serves as one of the major fundraisers at the school.

Each year we get to come together, have a good time ,raise money and support our daughters.

The fathers love the event!

It’s a way for our Black males to empower our girls.

Teachers and other male staff members support event by escorting girls as well.

We’re always looking for organizations like Fathers Incorporated, Read Dads Read and Profound Gentlemen to support us.

Supporting our girls financially, academically, socially and emotionally is key to their success. 

We drive this work on the Board level through the school level.

Our girls must see that we support them in and out of the classroom.

Black male engagement is just as important and needed for our Black girls too!

Ivy welcomes Black males to support our work of educating the whole girl.

If you are interested in donating to Ivy please go the link here


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