Dear Momma

Black male educators are making a huge impact for Women’s History Month by empowering our female students.

I am giving my students a platform to speak their minds and share their talent.

This young Georgia, Latina writer and poet coming into her own is sending a powerful message to her mom celebrating motherhood.


Dear Momma,

You’re the best.
Everyday I get to see a superhero in action.

You make life seem easy.

That’s why my life is breezy.
i just want to thank you.
Even when I feel the blues,
You taught me how not to lose.
By loving me and making time
just to be with me.
With every new year that comes,
you grow.


Remember this mom,
You’re the best.
And because you are,
so am I.
Nothing can break or replace that. .
cased closed.
We win!


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