Destiny Harris is Empowering Other Black Girls to Dream Big!

This local business owner just happens to be a young, Black girl in Atlanta, Georgia. She shares her mission to empower other girls to dream big!

Destiny Harris is Empowering Other Black Girls to Dream Big!

My business, Baking Like Crazy, is absolutely fun!
I didn’t initially start as a business. I just liked to bake.
My mom would post pictures on her Facebook page of me in the kitchen.
Then people started to ask her how much it would cost if I baked for them.
I didn’t know what to say so she called her friend, now my mentor Chef Erica, and she helped me come up with pricing.
My mom and I sat down and talked through the entire process.
She really helps me a lot.

Being an entrepreneur has been fun and difficult.

It’s been fun because I have met a lot of people my age who are in business.
They call us Kidpreneurs.
I also like it because I get to earn my own money.
Sometimes, my mom lets me buy whatever I want.
I’ve learned how to deposit money into my bank account and how to reinvest back into my business.
I didn’t know how important this was until I ran out of cake flour the first time.
My customers make my business fun by asking me to bake new things or use flavors I’ve never used.
That’s always exciting!

Being an entrepreneur is also difficult sometimes because I’m 10 years old.

I still have to go to school, do my homework, clean my room and go to swim practice.
I also want to do things with my friends so I have to make big decisions.
My mom wants me to enjoy being a kid and an entrepreneur.
I don’t often but I have turned down orders if my work isn’t done or if I’m just plain tired.
My customers understand.
I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

I’ll be hosting the first Dream Big Workshop on March 30th!

Brought to you by Business Owners of Tomorrow.
The workshop will have 7 outstanding youth vendors with products ranging from lip gloss, artwork, satin caps, jewelry and more.
Our keynote speaker will be Kenn Collier, Jr.
He’s the face behind Button Buddy.
If you haven’t heard of him, you’re in for a treat.
Our instructor, Nyanna Harris, will go over the fundamental of entrepreneurship including the 6 steps to starting a business as well as components to writing a business plan.
Lunch will be provided and registration includes your parents admission as well.
It’s going to be fun!!!
See you there!
Oh, I’m being honored as Kidpreneur of the year three times!!!
I get to travel to NYC and San Diego.
I’m excited about that!

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