Black Male Educators Are Examples for Girls Too!

The presence of Black male educators positively impact girls too. I have the honor of serving as the Board chairman of an all girls charter school . This is my open letter to the young girls of color at Ivy Prep Academy. 

Dear Ivy, 

Each moment is a moment each of you become closer to achieving another level of success.

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made!”

A powerful statement by former 1st Lady, Michelle Obama.

I believe that Ivy is just the beginning, the gateway to many more successes.

You’re a moment away from designing the next famous gown or next social media outlet. 

Look at the challenges you may face in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.  

Although it may be challenging, it’s not impossible.

It’s possible to push through adversity and challenges.

It’s your time to become the example.

There are doors that haven’t been opened that are waiting for you to push through them.

You’re not alone! You each have a strong support system behind you.

Keep dreaming the unimaginable!

Keep proving that impossible things are happening every day!

Most importantly keep showing the world that our Ivy girls are unstoppable!

You can conquer any obstacle that comes your way! 

There are endless possibilities that await you.


Serving Ivy,


Jason B. Allen

Chairman of the Board

Ivy Preparatory Academy


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