Literacy Is a Critical Piece of the Puzzle for Black Boys Success

Profound Gentlemen recently held the 4th Annual Community Impact Assembly for Black male teachers and leaders.

Literacy was a major topic of discussion on the minds of many Black male teachers.

It provided several sessions and panels on the importance of improving methods for Black boys to improve reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Literacy is the most critical core area that connects to all learning disciplines and impacts our decision-making, critical thinking skills, processing and soft skill set.

PG has a solution for improving the literacy competency of Black boys.

We must ensure our Black male teachers are prepared and present in classrooms.

Improving the educational outcomes of Black boys is the main focus of the training PG provides.

PG is helping train Black male teachers to help improve their success in literacy.

Literacy is a critical piece of the puzzle!

Veronica Garcia discusses the importance of literacy in Black boys.

Black boys who aren’t exposed to reading at an early age become targets of the school-to-prison pipeline.

In fact, more than 22 percent of Black men who are incarcerated dropped out of high school.

Our Black boys are dropping out of schools and straight into jail cells.

That’s why reading is fundamental!

It’s the best way to keep more of our Black boys on pathways towards success and not to prisons.


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