Mentoring Gives Black Boys Hope For a Better Future

  1. It’s not a phenomenon!

Mentoring programs that aim to disrupt the School To Prison Pipeline for Black boys are effective.

Mentoring gives Black boys hope for a better future!

The Blvck Freedom Circle is a new free mentoring program.

It serves Black males ages 13 – 18 who live in Metro Atlanta.

The center will provide a safe space and open forum for Black boys to express themselves.

Leaders of the program believe that if Black boys get the support they need, they will succeed in life.

More than 40% of Black boys do not graduate from high school.

This is a major factor in the disproportionate amount of Black boys being funneled into the School to Prison Pipeline.

The Blvck Freedom Circle will help disrupt the School to Prison Pipeline for black males through mentoring, personal development, skills trainings and special events.

Dealing with grief, losing loved ones, suicide, depression and other emotional issues are difficult for Black boys to handle.

Trauma in Black boys is real and we’ve taught them to be silent in regards to expressing their emotions.

The first Blvck Freedom Circle event will be a discussion on the topic Matters of the Heart.

This event will be held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the

Wesley Chapel Library, 2861 Wesley Chapel Road, Decatur, GA  30034.

For more information contact Tresaca Hamilton at (770) 750-4234 or

The Blvck Freedom Circle is sponsored by The Sid Center and Tresidha Foundation.

Founder Tresaca Hamilton is a Child and Adolescent Behavioral Consultant with a specialization in helping black males diagnosed with behavioral disorders, and juvenile justice involved youth.


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