Our Latina Students Have Something To Say

I asked several of my female students to write on a topic they are passionate about currently. One of my Latina students has something to say about immigration for Women’s History Month.

Contrary to what many people think, Latinos do bring value to America.

A lot of the economic growth many rural areas are seeing is because of agriculture.

That’s mainly thanks to the help of immigrants! 

However, the President makes immigrants out to be thugs and murders.

Sound familiar?

Recently, there has been major conflict over immigration laws.

People stand on different sides of the debate.

The President wants Americans to think that all immigrants do is bring illegal drugs into the country.

Why would we be bringing guns when we are fleeing violence?

Most immigrants from Mexico are coming to America for work. 

We have families and loved ones we want to help back at home.

The United States is home to many different ethnic and religious groups.

This conflict has caused nothing but war and violence.

I go to school in an area with all races are represented.

DIfferent people can work, learn and interact with each other without hatred.

As a Mexican American, my family has lived in the country for many years.

I do have loved ones who have are being delayed citizenship.

While we learn about freedom in school, I see loved ones struggling to gain it.

Living as an undocumented citizen in American is like living in captivity. 

I am thankful my mother was able to get her situation fixed.

Now as a citizen, she is able to be happier without worrying about being taken away from me.

Everyone is human and deserves happiness.

Immigrants come here to gain wealth to share with our families at home.

We may not get the birthright and advantages of Americans, but we do deserve freedom.

Immigrants should have basic rights and a fair process to citizenship too!


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