Profound Gentlemen Trains Black Male Teachers

Co Founder, Jason Terrell speaks on the need for and what’s next for Profound Gentlemen.

Currently, Black male educators  are five times more likely to leave the education profession than other groups.

Equitable pay, resources and support are reason why we are perplexed with staying in the field.

PG provides a space for Black male teachers to connect, share resources and get professional development.

Profound Gentlemen’s 4th Annual Community Impact Assembly Makes an Impact!

CIA is a retreat-style conference that actively engages participants.

Over 200 Black male educators from 18 states around the country attended this year.

Teachers walked away with resources to continue educational development, self-reflection and relationship building.

Throughout this event, participants were able to further impact the communities they are serving.

In particular, how Black male teachers can improve educational opportunities and outcomes for Black boys.

This years’ CIA theme is “Educators With Purpose”. 

Our work is purposeful.

PG believes that when someone knows why they are in the space, they will act differently.

The organization supports Black male teachers and helps them to  serve their purpose.

This helps more Black boys meet their full potential and act with a sense of urgency and intentionality.

Jason reflects on PG’s call to duty to help improve the development of Black male teachers.

In the years to come, the organization will serve as a training ground for Black male teachers, leaders and school operators.




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