Sister I Have Your Back!

One of my 6th grade students inspired by Claude McKay’s, “If We Must Die”, wrote this poem, “Sister I Have Your Back!”, acknowledging the fact that girls are often overlooked in schools.


Girl, I see you!

It’s hard going from class to class, feeling less than.


Constantly being overlooked because your test scores aren’t enough!

You didn’t score low enough to be in a special group.

Or high enough to be considered special.


But we won’t let them tell us who we are.

Let’s show them.

Let them know who you are.


Tell them to let you be.

Even when they act like bully’s.


Sister, don’t let them take you down.

You are a leader!

We’ve followed long enough.


Don’t let haters discourage you.

You are better than what they say.

If nobody teaches you you’re somebody,

then believe it for yourself.


Remember, we share a special bond.

We are sisters,

I love you and that’s all that matters!

Sister, I Have Your Back!



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