A Note to Parents

Dear Parents,

You are your child’s first teacher.

Their success in school begins at home.

Tell them daily they are special and that they are somebody.

Let them know that reading, writing and speaking are important.

As teachers, we see the urgency in this.

Many people don’t see the hundreds of kids who never get a hug, hear a kind word or are told they can be something.

We do!

Teachers play an important role in the lives of children; but we aren’t the only ones!

Also, we want to you to know that learning disabilities don’t disable or prevent children from being successful!

What prevents children from being able to successfully learn is the lack of support they receive, encouragement, engagement and time that we put into them to be the best the can.

This work begins at home.

Parents are the Batman in this dynamic duo.

We enhance the lessons you begin at home.

Learning starts at home.

Be the best first teacher for your child(ren); their success is depending on it!

Inspired by Joe Clark and the need for more educational leaders to advocate for the accountability and engagement of parents in children’s education. 


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