A Salute to My Mama

Our Black boys have something to say.

I’m creating a space that’s empowering young Black boys to appreciate and respect girls and women.

Often times we don’t hear our Black boys and the things they would desire to express because of the false pretenses we have around manhood.

In spite of these pretenses, one of my 7th grade students wrote a salute to his mom for Women’s History Month.

I want to salute my mama.

I just wanted to express my thanks to her for everything she’s done for me.

Not just for what she’s done, but for the love she gives me.

I mean she makes me feel like a human.

To her it’s not my athletics skills, test score or good looks that matter.

In her eyes, I’m something special!

Unlike the world, I’m not just another Black boy. 

I’m her baby, her young King, the apple of her eye!

She is wonderful and amazing.

The last 14 years, she’s been there for me.

Through the thick and thin, she’s shown me what a real hero is.

She has put clothes on my back, I mean like really nice clothes too (thanks ma)!

She does much more than provide food and clothes.

When I have bad days, she’s there to remind that life ain’t going to be a crystal stair.

She’s shown me how to survive in the worst of times. As a successful, independent Black woman. 

My mom makes my day when she walks in the door from work.

I know it’s going to be something I learn.

She is very strong and balanced.

This helps me find and keep balance in my life.

My first teacher was my mom and she’s still teaching me to this day.

I appreciate all the lessons learned.

I will be a success because my mom is pushing into greater!

I love you mom!

Thanks for always being a boss.


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